Where To Find The Best Donuts In Delray Beach

the best delray beach donuts

Delray Beach has long been a destination for those seeking fun and a welcoming vibe to soak in the energy that makes South Florida so great. With the advent of foodie culture and the town boasting the residence of some of the most renowned bakers and chefs, the lively beach town has truly become a haven for the area's best cultural and culinary offerings. Being such a hub for esculent experimentation will cause the sweetest treats to be produced... and what better a sweet treat than donuts?! These doughy, succulent, lovely morsels can be eaten on the go, so get ready and join us as we parade you down Atlantic Ave to show you where to find the best donuts in Delray Beach.

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HoleyDonuts Mini Donuts

Located just a block from the Delray Beach Visitor Information Center and the beach is HoleyDonuts Mini Donuts, an inviting corner shop displaying a gorgeous array of their signature Mini Donuts, coffee, ice cream, and more! Their menu is always packed full of a wide variety of flavors for you to sample and enjoy with your friends and family. Come to pick up some delectable treats and do some people-watching from their window seating, or outdoor bench, or walk along beautiful Delray Beach at sunset. Residents of waterfront condos such as The Hamilton House or Bermuda High are within walking distance of this unique sweet staple of Delray Beach.

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Nani's Dough

Just a few short steps away from Lake Ida Park and Dog Park is a true hidden gem of Delray Beach... Nani's Dough! Started by Delray Beach local, Nani Edry, Nani's Dough stands as a stark contrast in size to our last entry as some of the largest donuts I've enjoyed, while also being some of the most extremely fluffy and delicate. Nani isn't afraid to experiment in the donut laboratory and you'll find everything here from Cannoli Cronuts to a lovely classic glazed.

jupiter donut factory

Jupiter Donut Factory

Right up the road in neighboring Boynton Beach sits the Jupiter Donut Factory. A small chain of fantastically created donut creations with 7 locations around Southeast Florida. The Boynton location boasts rows and rows of beautiful baked beignets, plenty of indoor/outdoor seating, and a truly out-of-this-world taste.

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Dunkin' Donuts

Update: As of 04/27/2023, Dunkin Donuts off Atlantic Avenue is CLOSED.

We're all familiar with this one... Dunkin' Donuts on the corner of Swinton and Atlantic in Delray Beach, just by spots like Atlantic Grove, is a classic and popular morning stop destination featuring specialty drinks, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and more that we all know and love. Located advantageously at the gateway to most of the attractions and nightlife on Atlantic Avenue, DD serves the community with consistency, speed, and convenience year-round.

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