Where To Find The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Food In Delray Beach

With the addition of the Delray Beach Marketplace among many other fine dining spots to line Atlantic Avenue in the post-pandemic economy, Delray continues its ascent up the ladder for culinary travelers. South Florida's worldwide appeal, year-round warmth and progressive food culture have lent to the growth of Delray Beach's food scene all around. For vegans and vegetarians, Delray has expanded from 'vegan options' to a 'vegan food scene,' and with these restaurants below, we highlight the best vegan and vegetarian food in Delray Beach. 

Avocado toast, and pink hummus toast with pomegranates on the table


We love this fast-casual, yet gourmet vegan restaurant! Situated in the plaza along the southeast corner of Linton and US1, Veg Eats is a true believer in the vegan movement, and their dedication to their craft shows. This woman-owned eatery features an always-shifting menu of seasonal desserts, delectable vegetable dishes, and mouthwatering sandwiches. For vegans, it's easy to tell the difference between a restaurant dedicated to plant based food, and one offering options to expand their market. Veg Eats is where the true believers get their fix.

Quinoa with kale and cherries in it


In a small, unassuming historic just north of Atlantic Avenue on Swinton, Pause primarily serves as a gathering point for kava and kratom drinkers, with a moody yet conversation-friendly lounge that's as apt for the open mic performances it hosts as the study groups and small meetings that take place. Despite its reputation as a kava bar, Pause has a superb complement of vegan quick bites, from the savory to the sugary sweet. To cut into that bitter kratom taste and elevate your mood, enjoy a snack with your beverage at this aptly titled kava bar.

Vegan bowl with hummus carrots and peppers

The New Vegan 

Updated: 06/01/2022. The New Vegan has closed its physical location, but is active online and still serving the community!

The New Vegan will never get old for us, despite it being the longest-standing dedicated vegan restaurant in Delray Beach. This family-owned business has been serving some of the cleanest, classic vegan fare for years. Alongside their renowned falafel salad, soy-free desserts and hand-formed veggie burger, the New Vegan is known for its Caribbean-inspired vegan dishes incorporating curries, plantains, and hearts of palm. 

Two vegan burger with a cardboard heart


Roots can be found at the center of the Delray Beach Marketplace. The aforementioned macro-sized dining hall has expanded our dining options immensely. Specializing in vegan comfort food, our favorite dish at Roots is the jackfruit reuben. Much like the New Vegan, Roots takes advantage of the tactile malleability of ingredients such as jackfruit, hearts of palm, mushrooms, and beets to form an outstanding base for their delectable flavors.

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