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Thanks in no small part to its proximity to Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, and the major influence of northeastern migrant populations, Delray Beach is a gem for breakfast and brunch-goers everywhere. Known primarily for its illustrious lineup of brunch restaurants on Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach has a rich complement of New York-style delis and family-owned diners to balance your morning palate. We've tried a few spots around town and gotten the lowdown to guide you to your breakfast destination. Without further ado, here are some of the best places for bagels and breakfast in Delray Beach!

everything bagels on a board

Bagels With Deli 

Sporting a preposition in its name without a noun to attach to, Bagels With may sound like an incomplete title, but rest assured, it is the complete package when it comes to a New York-style bagel spot. Bagels With brings the classics you'd expect from a New York deli with a Jewish tinge, featuring house-made corned beef and noodle kugel among other favorites. For more contemporary options, Bagels With creates healthy, crisp salads and mouthwatering desserts to flank their primary cause, which will always be the bagels that gave them their name.

Plain and whole wheat bagels all together

Brooklyn Water Bagel 

We know the diaspora of European peoples played a major role in New York's reputation as the place to get a bagel, but did you know about the water? There's something special up north that gives New York bagels their firm but fluffy texture, perfectly toast-able but not too chewy when eaten raw. Using their "Brooklynite" water, their bagels perfectly complement their home-brewed coffee, and as a small chain, can be found in more than just Delray Beach.

bagels in a row of plain and everything


Sticking with the New York theme, this brightly decorated breakfast eatery seeks to match their incredible New York-style bagels with their commitment to customer service. Their menu includes the expected classics such as reubens, rachels, knishes, and omelets, and a surprisingly delectable seafood menu including lobster rolls, something not often seen in comparable delis around town. 

bagel twins delray beach

Bagel Twins 

In the South Florida business climate, especially Delray Beach, a quarter century can be counted in dog years. For over 25 years, Bagel Twins have delighted the citizens of Delray Beach. Their family recipes have been carried for generations before nesting at their Delray Beach locale. Their fish is hand-sliced to order, with a special emphasis on their seafood as a whole. They serve Nova Scotia salmon, sturgeon, multiple forms of herring, and beyond. For the true curate of bagel-craft, support local and dine at bagel twins!

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