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As one of the most financially wealthy areas of the country, Delray Beach and Greater Palm Beach county is renowned for their mega-mansions and waterfront condos. Behind the fine dining on Atlantic Avenue and the luxuriant residences dotting the Mizner Park area, there are many charitable souls donating their time and money to make positive change in our community. To join these many giving souls and continue the spirit of kindness fostered throughout our city, see these 5 incredible volunteer opportunities in Delray Beach!milagro-center-delray-beach

The Milagro Center

The Milagro Center of Delray Beach is a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the social and academic lives of underserved children. Since 1997, the Milagro Center has provided summer camps, outreach programs, after-school, and leadership programs. "Milagro" is Spanish for "miracle," and for many of the children who have benefitted from their program, the name fits the movement. This unique, innovative local nonprofit introduces children to musical instruments, the visual arts, and even digital technology - all while empowering children and raising their self-esteem.

vitas healthcare boca raton

VITAS Healthcare

Vitas Healthcare is an end-of-life hospice care provider that serves over 18,000 patients each day. Headquartered in Miami, They operate 49 programs across 14 states. Supported by over 11,000 employed professionals, Vitas is always looking for volunteers to support its mission. Founded in 1978 in South Florida as a nonprofit hospice. Since then Vitas has been part of a significant rollout of healthcare technology, working with HealthGrid to enable clinicians to quickly and securely exchange data. 

the annie appleseed project

The Annie Appleseed Project

The Annie Appleseed Project was founded and officially designated as a nonprofit in 2003 by breast cancer survivor Ann Fonfa. The project's goal is to serve as a central resource providing information, community support, and alternative/holistic treatment modalities for cancer patients. Though they do not wish to dissuade anyone from seeking the proper treatment, the Annie Appleseed Project is a powerful support network for cancer patients, especially those looking to lessen the intensity of chemotherapy through alternative means or replace it altogether.

open hearts for orphans

Open Hearts For Orphans

Founded by Jim and Lisa Murphy, Open Hearts for Orphans has played a role in changing the lives of thousands of children across the globe. This outstanding organization was founded following the adoption of young Daniel in 2010, a Chinese boy with a congenital heart defect. Sadly, Daniel passed away following the open-heart surgery he needed, and his body could not sustain it. This tragic loss further charged the Murphy's with the cause celebre behind Open Hearts for Orphans. Their support includes educational sponsorships, outreach to international children, and medical interventions. 

roots and wings

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings were launched in 2016 with the clearly stated goal to improve children's literacy and track them for success later in life. Founded by Ted Hoskinson following the death of his wife, Anne, Roots, and Wings carry Anne's lifelong desire into the future - to support and empower disadvantaged children. By focusing on emergent literacy, Roots and Wings is providing an essential service - cultivating an environment to stoke and satisfy the curiosity of children, while providing teachers with the tools they need to fulfill their critical role. 

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